February 5, 2009

Slightly over two years and all I have to show for this project is three unfinished, untitled songs. I can tell you one thing. These songs are really odd and very unconventional with reference to mainstream progressive rock. I don't listen to much avant garde stuff, so I can't even come up with a comparison. I imagine if I ever finish this album, it could be rather difficult to listen to for most people. I'll keep on working on it. No promises, but I hope I get the album finished this year.

I'm sorry there isn't much to read about on the Amalgamated Hippopotamus pages, but in due time. After the debut album is released, there will be more information posted here. Whether it's worth reading is most likely debatable.

Thanks for visiting. Don't forget to open the door before you exit.

January 14, 2007

"Goofing off" procedures have started. This means I'm playing around with sounds in the sequencer. For the moment, only musical ideas are being worked on. No lyrics have been written. I know that this doesn't sound like much, but Amalgamated Hippopotamus is a "side project."

September 10, 2006

Welcome to the official home page of the Amalgamated Hippopotamus. This project is an offshoot of the Superluminal Pachyderm project. Recording has yet to begin because some preliminary work to setup the structure for the project needs to be completed. Updates will be posted in this News section as progress warrants it. A release date isn't expected until 2007.