November 1, 2016Incoherent Brain Dump cover

The new Superluminal Pachyderm album "Incoherent Brain Dump" has been released. It's a free download on Bandcamp and will be available shortly on

This is the seventh studio album and the first since Unsalted Pants was released back in 2013. 


Tracks include:

All the Toilets of the City (7:05)
Pieces of Crap (4:19)
Eometry (14:23)
Poojer (4:10)
It Smells Like Aunt Helen (6:19)
Cadillac (7:45)
Radio Donkey (13:46)

Please stop by my Bandcamp page and give it a listen.

All the best,

September 24, 2016

A second online-only single has been released for the upcoming Superluminal Pachyderm album "Incoherent Brain Dump." Cadillac is now available for free on Bandcamp:


July 10, 2016

Superluminal Pachyderm is busy working on a new album called Incoherent Brain Dump. A new online-only single, Poojer, the first single ever released by SP is now available on Bandcamp. See:

I really should update this website more often...

August 30, 2013 is currently being migrated to a Joomla content management system. Some pages may be inaccessible temporarily. One does grow weary looking at HTML code and having to change every file when a simple menu change is implemented. Maybe I will actually add some useful content to this site for once. Don't hold your breath.

December 9, 2012

What? Three years for an update? Yep.

Recording for the new Superluminal Pachyderm album called Unsalted Pants has been completed. The Sea of Peas album is now available on Unsalted Pants may show up on Amazon in January 2013. Earlier albums are now out of print because I am no longer doing business with The book of poetry noted below is also out of print. Reissuing these items may occur in the future. There isn't any known demand for them, so I'll be taking my time.

I've been spending a lot of time on genealogy. I haven't decided if I will put any of my work on the domain. Time will tell.

No other updates to report. No doubt I've been lazy at developing this website. I'm using the term "hiatus" as my excuse. You can believe whatever you want. Thanks for stopping by.

February 5, 2009

Here it is, about a year and half later and nothing new at I moved into a new house in May 2008. I haven't had much time to devote to this site of mine. I still have plans -- I always have plans. The problem is usually having the time.

The Superluminal Pachyderm project has been moving along really, really slow. I have unfinished parts of five songs for the upcoming Unsalted Pants album. That's definitely better than the one song I had started back in June 2007, but I used to chug these out almost annually.

I even have three unfinished pieces in the works for the debut album of the Amalgamated Hippopotamus project. All I have to do is invent a language for it. Yeah, I know... geeking out again.

The philatelic galleries I had planned are still empty. They've been empty since I started this website. Gee whiz. I'll get around to it. That's what I'm always saying.

Thanks for stopping by.

I Would Not Send My Bags to NeptuneJune 21, 2007

Xaagma Press has released its first print publication, a book of poetry by Ken Robinson called I Would Not Send My Bags to Neptune. This is a selection of 40 poems written between the mid-1980s and up to the present day. The following description appears at the Xaagma Products site:

Ken Robinson, the famous creator of the Superluminal Pachyderm project, has written a book of poetry. It's a conjunction-timed reality tidal wave of bubbles and envelope fragments, specially designed to make your nose bobble and ionize the atmosphere. Today we know that poets arrive like a selection from a relational database, only to find that we have stamps and bowling balls. Include your detergent and take tours of your washing machine and gently investigate the security issues with frozen methane and assertive pterodactyls. You will know the meaning of the phrase "I can eat my vowels with the best intentions." Ken Robinson is an ear. He's a vacation waiting to happen. He's a cement truck with a glass mixer filled with TV dinners. Ken Robinson is the smell of the past and the hamper of trash bags. You will be delighted or seriously annoyed.



February 1, 2007

After much thought, I removed the drop-down menu system that was located on the horizontal navigation bar above. It has been replaced with a "Home" link. Some pages have multiple "Home" links within this domain. I decided to remove them to prevent the hassle of always changing and rewriting the CSS files everytime a new version of a browser comes out. The pages of this site actually look pretty nice in IE7. I must say, Microsoft did a good job of enhancing IE's display capabilities even though their support for CSS standards is still lacking in some respects. However, I still recommend using Mozilla Firefox for security reasons. I have no comment on Netscape at this time as I do not have it installed. I also have no comments on browsers for Macs because I don't have a Mac.

January 14, 2007

It has come to my attention that the menu system on the horizontal navigation bar above does not work in Internet Explorer 7. I will look into fixing that in the future. It should work for IE6 as it was tested on that. From reading information on other CSS sites, Microsoft continues to fail to implement CSS standards. Because of this and the never-ending security fixes, I would recommend using the Firefox browser (that is until Firefox becomes big and the hackers pile up on it). I'm still going to look into fixing the menu system for IE7.

On other news, Superluminal Pachyderm has started recording material for the Unsalted Pants album.

December 5, 2006

For about three months, Superluminal Pachyderm CDs were unavailable due to a serious bug at that prevented images from displaying. Due to uncertainties about the availability of the CDs in their correct form, the Buy CDs pages at Xaagma Music and the official home page of the Superluminal Pachyderm were disabled. The bug appears to have been fixed, thus the Buy CDs pages have been restored.

See: Superluminal Pachyderm: Buy CDs

If you have checked this site periodically over the last three months, you may have noticed that many pages remain under construction. I've been quite busy (e.g. sleeping, digesting, watching TV), so nothing has happened. I hope to alleviate that over the upcoming holiday season. I'm sure it doesn't matter, as most of this site has yet to be indexed by Google (that's why you should seriously consider using Yahoo, which I might add HAS indexed the whole site). Enjoy your visit and don't forget to wave.

September 10, 2006

Welcome to A lot of the pages on this site are under construction. Updates will be posted as time permits. A hamper in the living room is not as uncommon as one might think. I would rather not put clothes in one, but it looks like a great place to put pencils.