Front cover of I Would Not Send My Bags to NeptuneI Would Not Send My Bags to Neptune

by Ken Robinson

This is a selection of 40 poems written between the mid-1980s and up to the present day. The following description appears at the Xaagma Products site:

Ken Robinson, the famous creator of the Superluminal Pachyderm project, has written a book of poetry. It's a conjunction-timed reality tidal wave of bubbles and envelope fragments, specially designed to make your nose bobble and ionize the atmosphere. Today we know that poets arrive like a selection from a relational database, only to find that we have stamps and bowling balls. Include your detergent and take tours of your washing machine and gently investigate the security issues with frozen methane and assertive pterodactyls. You will know the meaning of the phrase "I can eat my vowels with the best intentions." Ken Robinson is an ear. He's a vacation waiting to happen. He's a cement truck with a glass mixer filled with TV dinners. Ken Robinson is the smell of the past and the hamper of trash bags. You will be delighted or seriously annoyed.