Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson is the creator and only member of Superluminal Pachyderm. Robinson was born in 1969 in Abington, Pa. He lived briefly in Jenkintown, Pa. and the Roxborough neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pa. He grew up in the Burholme neighborhood of Philadelphia, attended Kennedy Crossan Elementary, Woodrow Wilson Jr. High, and Northeast High School. He graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 1993 with B.S. degrees in Astronomy & Astrophysics and Computer Science, minoring in History. He currently lives on the planet Earth and is employed as a digital access and metadata specialist and was formerly a rare books and manuscripts cataloging specialist. He beeps at people and sometimes honks and toots.

Ken's ancestors are from Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, and Poland. Primary surnames of his ancestors include Robinson, McIlroy, Gillespie, Grunert, Hollmann, Hulsemann, Ewe (sometimes spelled E'We), Kracz (sometimes spelled Krocz), Świniuch, Łącała, Budzisz, Felon, Tinneny, McCouch, Malloy, Carter, and Rowley. Through Y-DNA testing, his particular Robinson line descends from the Boyd surname with origins in Scotland. The change could have been from an adoption probably from the 18th century or earlier. More research is needed.