Superluminal Pachyderm uses the following gear:


Making Waves Digital Sound Sequencer
GoldWave sound editor
Cakewalk Guitar Tracks
Cakewalk Home Studio
VAZ Modular
Miriam Vocaloid


ASUS CG5270 PC with an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU processor and 8 GB RAM running Windows 64-bit Vista Home Premium
         ---see, any standard PC these days can handle music composition activities
Earlier albums used PCs ranging from 80486 to AMD Athlon processors

Instruments and other gear

EMG Select electric guitar
Yamaha PortaSound PSS-450 keyboard
Audio-Technica ATR 20 cardioid microphone
Occasional household items like paper towel cardboard tubes and soda cans


Superluminal Pachyderm uses royalty-free samples from Computer MusicFuture Music, and Music Tech magazines.
Additional samples of vintage synthesizers and keyboards are from Hollow Sun.