The Superluminal Pachyderm project started out as something just to kill time and have fun with. Since its creation it has evolved into more than anyone had ever anticipated and now follows some basic philosophical guidelines.

The core foundation of the Superluminal Pachyderm project is progressive rock music. This style of music normally does not follow any preset rules allowing much freedom of compositional expression. Further, influences of the creator are strongly from this genre and no attempt has been made to make SP creations without influences. This would be exceedingly difficult and the composer would rather not live in a cave, unless all housing units suddenly disappeared.

The second major foundation is the method of composition and recording. The Superluminal Pachyderm project makes use of sequencing software on a computer as the sole composition engine. Although this style of music creation is a major part of current electronic music, it is unusually rare in progressive rock music, where it is often not used at all, or as a supplemental tool. The sounds used to construct compositions are almost solely samples of computer-generated instruments or samples of real instruments. An analogy of the project might be considered as a composer on a computer containing a virtual band to play the compositions. All mixing and recording is done on a computer.

The third foundation of Superluminal Pachyderm is the continuing evolution to not only make better compositions and improve mixing and recording techniques, but to expand its vision to create new music that is unlike anything else heard by the composer. In other words, to progress, one of the fundamental elements of progressive rock music. When it becomes evident to the composer that no further progression can be achieved, the Superluminal Pachyderm project will end.