Superluminal Pachyderm is my contribution to the progressive rock genre. Whether my project will have any impact is highly doubtful. The important thing for me is the enjoyment and thrill in creating new music where I'm not limited by any defined boundaries. This page is a dedication to the musicians and groups I feel have made significant contributions to progressive rock. You may not agree or like my selections below. That's fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you're disgusted with my list, make your own. The links below will take you to the group's or musician's official web site. If they don't have one, I will either not provide a link or will give a link to the most comprehensive page about the group. This could be in the form of a Wikipedia entry or an entry at Prog Archives. I do not plan on explaining my selections to anyone. This list will also get updates as I discover new things. If you have similar tastes as me, you might want to stop by every now and then.

Following the list of groups and musicians will be a list of links to representative web sites devoted to the genre that feature discographies, reviews, interviews, and news of the genre.

Finally, I do not exchange links. You are welcome to let me know of your site, but if it is not related to progressive rock music or I don't think it's important enough to be listed here, then it won't be listed. Period. If you don't like it, make your own list.

For a more detailed introduction about the genre please see:
From Prog Archives: What is Progressive Rock?
From Wikipedia: Progressive Rock

Prog Rock Group and Musician Web Sites


After Crying [Symphonic Prog; Hungary]
Afterglow [Neo Prog; France]
Ambeon [Symphonic Prog; Netherlands]
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe [Symphonic Prog; England]
Anderson, Jon [Symphonic Prog, Pop Rock, World Music; England]
Anekdoten [Art Rock, Symphonic Prog; Sweden]
Ange [Symphonic Prog; France]
Änglagård [Symphonic Prog; Sweden]
Anyone's Daughter [Symphonic Prog; Germany]
Arena [Neo Prog; England]
Ars Nova [Symphonic Prog; Japan]
Asgard [Neo Prog; Italy]
Astra [Psych/Space; United States]
Atila [Symphonic Prog; Spain]
Ayreon [Symphonic Prog, Prog Metal; Netherlands]


Bacamarte [Symphonic Prog; Brazil]
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso [Symphonic Prog; Italy]
Banks, Tony [Symphonic Prog; England]
Barrett, Syd [Psych/Space; England]
Beardfish [Symphonic Prog, Art Rock; Sweden]
Birth Control [Art Rock, Symphonic Prog; Germany]
Bruford, Bill [Jazz Rock/Fusion; England]


Cairo [Symphonic Prog; United States]
Camel [Symphonic Prog; England]
Can [Krautrock, Psych/Space; Germany]
Caravan [Canterbury; England]
Citizen Cain [Symphonic Prog; England/Scotland]
Códice [Symphonic Prog; Mexico]
Crucible [Symphonic Prog; United States]
Crucis [Symphonic Prog; Argentina]
Cyan [Neo Prog; England]


D.F.A. (Duty Free Area) [Jazz Rock/Fusion; Italy]
Davis, Miles [Jazz Rock/Fusion; United States]
Deadwood Forest [Art Rock, Symphonic Prog; United States]
Deep Purple [Proto-Prog, Classic Rock; England]
Devil Doll [Art Rock; Italy/Slovenia]
Di Meola, Al [Jazz Rock/Fusion; United States]
Diagonal [Psych/Space; England]
Discipline [Art Rock, Symphonic Prog; United States]
Discord Aggregate [RIO/Avant-Garde; United States]
Dixie Dregs [Art Rock; United States]
Dream Theater [Prog Metal; United States]
Druid [Symphonic Prog; England]


East [Symphonic Prog; Hungary]
Echolyn [Symphonic Prog, Art Rock; United States]
Electric Light Orchestra [Symphonic Prog, Art Rock, Pop Rock; England]
Eloy [Symphonic Prog, Psych/Space; Germany]
Emerson, Lake & Palmer [Symphonic Prog; England]
The Enid [Symphonic Prog; England]


Finch [Symphonic Prog; Netherlands]
Fish [Neo Prog; Scotland]
The Flower Kings [Symphonic Prog; Sweden]
FM [Art Rock, Symphonic Prog; Canada]
Focus [Symphonic Prog; Netherlands]
Fripp, Robert [Art Rock; England]


Gabriel, Peter [Art Rock, Pop Rock; England]
Galaxy [Symphonic Prog; Switzerland]
Galleon [Neo Prog; Sweden]
Garden Wall [Symphonic Prog, Art Rock; Italy]
Genesis [Symphonic Prog; England]
Gentle Giant [Art Rock; England]
Gilbert, Kevin [Art Rock; United States]
Gilmour, David [Art Rock, Classic Rock; England]
Glass Hammer [Symphonic Prog; United States]
Gnidrolog [Art Rock; England]
Gong [Canterbury; Multi-National]
Greenslade [Symphonic Prog; England]
Grobschnitt [Symphonic Prog; Germany]
Guerin, Sean [Symphonic Prog; United States]


Hackett, Steve [Symphonic Prog, Art Rock; England]
Hammill, Peter [Art Rock; England]
Hancock, Herbie [Jazz Rock/Fusion; United States]
Hatfield and the North [Canterbury; England]
Hawkwind [Psych/Space; England]
Hillage, Steve [Canterbury, Psych/Space; England]
Howe, Steve [Art Rock; England]


Iconoclasta [Jazz Rock/Fusion; Mexico]
Inquire [Art Rock, Symphonic Prog; Germany]
IQ [Neo Prog; England]
IZZ [Symphonic Prog, Art Rock; United States]


Jan Dukes de Grey [Folk Prog; England]
Jethro Tull [Folk Prog; England]


Kaipa [Symphonic Prog; Sweden]
Kansas [Symphonic Prog; Classic Rock; United States]
King Crimson [Art Rock; Symphonic Prog; England]
Klaatu [Art Rock; Canada]
Koenjihyakkei [RIO/Avant-Garde; Japan]
Kultivator [Zeuhl; Sweden]


Landberk [Art Rock; Sweden]
Lane, Lana [Symphonic Prog, Art Rock, Classic Rock; United States]
Led Zeppelin [Art Rock, Classic Rock; England]
Leger de Main [Symphonic Prog; United States]
The Lens [Neo Prog; England]
Levin, Tony [Jazz Rock/Fusion; United States]
Pär Lindh Project [Symphonic Prog; Sweden]
Liquid Tension Experiment [Prog Metal; United States]
Little Atlas [Symphonic Prog, Art Rock; United States]
Lizard [Neo Prog, Art Rock; Poland]


Magellan [Art Rock, Prog Metal; United States]
Magenta [Neo Prog; England]
Magma [Zeuhl; France]
Mahavishnu Orchestra [Jazz Rock/Fusion; United States]
Malibran [Symphonic Prog; Italy]
Mangala Vallis [Symphonic Prog; Italy]
Marillion [Neo Prog; England]
The Mars Volta [Art Rock; United States]
Mastermind [Art Rock, Prog Metal; United States]
McLaughlin, John [Jazz Rock/Fusion; England]
Mikromidas [Symphonic Prog; Norway]
Minimum Vital [Art Rock; France]
The Moody Blues [Proto-Prog, Classic Rock, Pop Rock; England]
Morse, Neal [Symphonic Prog, Art Rock; United States]
Mostly Autumn [Folk Prog, Art Rock; England]


Nathan Mahl [Jazz Rock/Fusion; Canada]
Nexus [Neo Prog; Argentina]
Novalis [Symphonic Prog; Germany]


Okumoto, Ryo [Symphonic Prog; Japan/United States]
Le Orme [Symphonic Prog; Italy]
The Othello Syndrome [Art Rock, Symphonic Prog; England]
Outer Limits [Symphonic Prog; Japan]
Ozric Tentacles [Psych/Space; England]


Paatos [Art Rock; Sweden]
Pallas [Neo Prog; England]
Alan Parsons Project [Art Rock, Pop Rock; England]
Pendragon [Neo Prog; England]
Pink Floyd [Psych/Space, Art Rock; England]
Porcupine Tree [Psych/Space, Art Rock; England]
Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) [Symphonic Prog; Italy]
Procol Harum [Proto-Prog, Classic Rock; England]
Product [Art Rock, Psych/Space; United States]


Qoph [Art Rock, Psych/Space; Sweden]
Qwaarn [Neo Prog; Canada]


Radiohead [Art Rock; England]
Refugee [Symphonic Prog; England]
Renaissance [Symphonic Prog; England]
Return to Forever [Jazz Rock/Fusion; United States]
Ritual [Art Rock, Symphonic Prog; Sweden]
RPWL [Neo Prog, Art Rock; Germany]
Runaway Totem [Zeuhl; Italy]
Rush [Art Rock, Prog Metal; Canada]


Saga [Art Rock, Pop Rock; Canada]
Sebastian Hardie [Symphonic Prog; Australia]
Sfinx [Symphonic Prog; Romania]
Shadow Gallery [Prog Metal; United States]
Sherinian, Derek [Jazz Rock/Fusion, Art Rock; United States]
Simon Says [Symphonic Prog; Sweden]
Sky [Symphonic Prog; England/Australia]
Social Tension [Symphonic Prog; Japan]
Solaris [Symphonic Prog; Hungary]
Sound of Contact [Art Rock; England]
Spock's Beard [Symphonic Prog, Art Rock; United States]
Squire, Chris [Symphonic Prog; England]
Star One [Prog Metal; Netherlands]
Starcastle [Symphonic Prog; United States]
Stolt, Roine [Symphonic Prog; Sweden]
Supertramp [Art Rock, Pop Rock; England]


Tale Cue [Symphonic Prog; Italy]
Talisma [Art Rock; Canada]
The Tangent [Symphonic Prog; Multi-National]
Therion [Prog Metal; Sweden]
Thinking Plague [RIO/Avant-Garde; United States]
Transatlantic [Symphonic Prog; Multi-National]
Triumvirat [Symphonic Prog; Germany]
Twin Age [Neo Prog; Sweden]


The Underground Railroad [Symphonic Prog, Art Rock; United States]


Van der Graaf Generator [Art Rock, Symphonic Prog; England]
Vangelis [Art Rock, Electronic, New Age]
Versus X [Symphonic Prog; Germany]


Wakeman, Rick [Symphonic Prog; England]
The Watch [Symphonic Prog, Neo Prog; Italy]
Waters, Roger [Art Rock; England]
White Willow [Symphonic Prog; Norway]
Wobbler [Symphonic Prog; Norway]
Wright, Richard [Art Rock; England]
Wyatt, Robert [Canterbury, Art Rock; England]


Yes [Symphonic Prog; England]
Yezda Urfa [Symphonic Prog, Art Rock; United States]


Zappa, Frank [RIO/Avant-Garde; United States]
Zaragon [Symphonic Prog; Denmark]
Zombi [Psych/Space; United States]

Comprehensive Web Sites about Prog Rock

Prog Archives

Discography of over 8,000 groups and musicians, listing over 41,000 titles. Includes tens of thousands of reviews, biographical information, rating system, and forms. Anyone can contribute a review or submit a band for entry into the discography simply by becoming a member. It's working its way to being the most comprehensive site on progressive rock and has a thriving community of fans.

Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

One of the first sites created on the Internet devoted to progressive rock. Lists a couple thousand groups and musicians in encyclopedic format. Entries are brief and occasionally include reviews of the artist, but not necessarily on an album by album basis. Originally run by Mike Taylor, now run by Fred Trafton. The site is updated maybe two to three times a year (though it hasn't been updated since 2011). Anyone can contribute an entry or information by e-mailing Fred.

Ground and Sky

This site has been around since 1999 and is entirely devoted to reviews. It has over a dozen dedicated reviewers who have contributed over 2,000 reviews for over 1,200 albums in the prog rock genre. This site hasn't been updated since 2009.

Progressive World

This site has been around since 1999 and features over 4,500 reviews, plus interviews, articles, calendars of events, and a whole range of other odds and ends. This site is still active, after a brief period of inactivity.

Axiom of Choice

Jurriaan Hage's Axiom of Choice features hundreds of reviews, plus samples, and long lists of links to band pages and resources about progressive rock.


Comprehensive site edited by Vitaly Menshikov featuring a huge number of reviews, articles, interviews, and numerous other items on progressive rock.


Basically a large repository of music data catering to experimental, avant-garde, and progressive rock music. The site contains over 1,000 reviews and over 121,000 titles in its database.


Extensive database featuring over 11,000 artists, over 38,000 titles, and over 6,000 reviews. Also includes interviews, essays, and numerous other resources on progressive rock.